Thursday, November 26, 2009

Making Fresh Whipped Cream

Is it very simple to make fresh whipped cream; it takes only a minute or two, easy enough anyone can do it, and the taste is far superior to anything you can buy in a can.

Simply take the desired amount of heavy whipping cream — one cup is plenty for most needs — and put it in a mixing bowl. Remember that it will increase in size considerably, so use an appropriately larger bowl.

A hand mixer is easiest to use for this, but a stands mixer will work just as well, and even a hand whisk will work in a pinch, though your arm will end up tired. Mix on high speed until peaks just begin to form, but are not quite solid yet.

At this point, add a little sugar, about 1-2 teaspoons per cup of whipping cream. Do not use granulated sugar; either superfine sugar if you can find it, or confectioner's (powdered) sugar. A small splash of vanilla (about half a teaspoon or so) is also good; a little rum or other flavorings can also be quite tasty.

Fold in sugar and flavorings gently, then mix again on low speed to blend in your addings. Be careful not to over-mix; once peaks stand firmly, quit mixing, or you will end up with very sweet butter.

Test for sweetness, and enjoy!

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