Friday, May 20, 2011

Pljeskavica or Cevapcici

Pljeskavica (pl-yes-ka-vee-tsa) and cevapcici (che-vahp-chee-chee) are traditional and (understandably) well-loved foods in the Balkans, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and others.  In essence, they are their version of hamburgers (or hamburger-sticks.)  They are nearly as easy to make, but much tastier than their American counterparts.  They are best if started early in the day, or even the day before, they are planned to be cooked; this allows time for the flavors to blend together.  They can be cooked in almost any manner, including pan-frying, broiling (in the oven), or grilling.  My personal preference is far and away for grilling.